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Heavy Corn Thresher With Diesel

Heavy Corn Thresher With Diesel
Model: 5TY
Origin: Made In P.R.C
Min order: One Set
Packing: Standard Export Packages
Transportation: Ocean Transport
Payment: T/T
Product Description:
Our corn /maize thresher is widely applied for livestock breeding, farms, and household use. It is used shelling Maize from cobs. The machine separates the kernels from the cobs with an amazing speed without any breakage of the kernels as well as cobs.
There are two types of power for them: diesel engine or electric motor. You can choose each type in your need.
This maize threshing machine is quite simple and having high output. It is also very easily transportable because of own wheel and related frame. The 850 type maize thresher is used to thresh high capacity of maize crops, husking and shelling maize cleanly at the same time by this machine, it does not damage the tips of the grain and thence grain is suitable for use as seed.
Technique parameter:
Maize threshing capacity 3000 to 4000kg/h bags per Hour. (30-40 bags/h, 1 bag = 100 kg). 
This maize thresher is a threshing machine for threshing the husker and weeds from the maize cob.
It has own transport system to delivery, has the rubber wheels to move.
This maize/corn thresher have the own matched mobile system to pulled by bull or donkey.

Model Unit 5TY-0.5 5TY-4.5 5TY-850
Efficiency kg/h 500-2000 2500-4500 ≥5000
Threshing rate % ≥97
Breakage rate % ≤2
Rotation speed of main shaft r/min 1000
Total weight kg 230 330 360
Matched power hp 8 15 15
The items selectable    Matched for tractor diesel engine or electric motor

Corn thresher working video:

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